Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Love In Silence

Hi there. Today is my last day attachment for Business Center in Head Office. Kinda happy because I can escape from all those CAs. I would really like to thanks Ms. Lam and Ms. Teo for their relent guidance. The morning session for today was a conclusion briefing conducted by Ms. Lam. Honestly speaking, I feel extremely lucky to be attached under her supervision because she was really a good superior and so do Ms. Teo. Hopefully, I can remember the lesson that both of you have provided to me and can apply them in future =)

Just now have a nice lunch session with colleagues. We went to eat steam fish head. Hahaha, quite a long time didn't taste fish dishes already. Feel happy for the lunch because the fish dishes were so fresh and cheap. Ooo yaa, just now went to clinic to see doctor. OMG, just realized that I have fever. However, the most shocking thing is that the medical expenses was RM 89. Hmmm, luckily the bank pay for me.....

Finished my work on 5.45 p.m. and very happy because I did received a call from Calix. He asked me whether I am free for this weekend because he plan to come to KL. Needless to say, for sure I am free. Even there is any appointment, I will also reject it because you are my first priority. Just when I am writing this, Chloe called me. OMG, so gham. Conclusion is, I will meet Calix and Chloe on Friday and Chloe going to bring us to her campus for a great great free dinner. Yeah, I am waiting =)

Have a great dinner with small Wei Loon just now. We have our dinner at Pudu, sitting beside a road which full of food stalls. Tasted an extremely nice pork meat porridge. Ohhh God, it was so tasty. Having a hot porridge beside a roadside during a cold rain night. That's really an enjoyment =)

Basically, that's all for today. Tomorrow is holiday, as usual, may He drive carefully and You reach safely. May He spent imprudently and You enjoy happily. Hahaha. Enjoy, have fun and take care.....

Song for Today - 一直很安静 - 原唱 - 阿桑



~~~Love In Silence~~~