Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Simple Day

I passed my day as simple as ABC for today. Nothing special, the same honey drink light up my day, the same Gardenia Twiggies accompanied me for breakfast, the same LRT and bus fetched me to bank.....

Today was quite free in bank. Basically, just reading some CAs and try to comment on them. By the way, really thanks to Ms. Lam for her relent guidance to lead us become a successful Credit Associate.....

I had my lunch session with my colleagues in Chinese Village. Long time didn’t went there already. I have ordered your favorite food as my lunch meal. Of course, it’s my favorite meal too. Every time I went there, for sure I will ordered the same food because it was just nice. Some more, I ordered another additional small rice every time I had the food. The sauce was so special and I don’t think there are any other stalls which sell the same food that can provide the same taste of sauce.....

For dinner, again I had a McD Fillet-o-Fish burger. Hahaha, it was the same dinner as yesterday. One burger isn’t enough for me. Then back to home, I had one packet of Oreo. Hmmm, still can’t run away from Fillet-o-Fish and Oreo. Just a simple Fillet-o-Fish and Oreo, they light up my night =)

Ooo yaa, recently I have started to sleep well for my nights. Hmmm, is it because of the deactivation of FB which wiped off all the fears??? Perhaps yes. Already more than one month I didn’t on FB. Last 2 days got on but it’s just to accept some friend requests from Anamangaki. Nothing much.....

Just have a telephone call with Cin Lo. Glad to hear that she already found her job and enjoy her job as well. Looking forward for next gathering session. Anyway, I am tired enough, Birds of Paradise, let’s fly me to the Fields of Gold =)

Song for Today – Innocent – Singer – Avril Lavigne

This innocence is brilliant
I Hope That It Will Stay
This Moment is Perfect
Please Don't Go Away
I Need You Now
And I Will Hold On to It
Don't You Let It Pass You By

~~~I Miss The Perfect Moment When I was Thinking of You~~~