Monday, November 22, 2010


Hmmm, today was a tired day for me. Last night don't really have a sleep well night. Can't straight away fall asleep as usual after I lay on bed because brain keep on thinking of something. But luckily I still can sleep after about 1 hour "too much thinking". Therefore, today feel quite tired.....

Today was a grooming training. Basically, it trains you how to keep a good appearance, from your hair until your leg nail. It also trains on how to keep a professional look and how to make yourself look attractive. Hahaha. The bank pay a high charge for the training. Imagined that charge for 1 participant was RM 750 per day. Tomorrow still have another day, so the costs incurred was RM 1500 per participant and for your information, there were 15 of us participated.....

The class was really fun. During the morning session, we learn about the way to preserve a professional look, attire's color matching, face shape, hair style, height measurement, body measurement and so forth. Trainer told us that shirt with sexy colors for guys were pink and purple. Hahaha, perhaps I shall buy a purple color shirt next week in G2000. Also, I am glad that I have a perfect height for my body's height whereby the measurement was separated into 4 parts. By the way, I was caught with my long finger nail. Hahaha. When the trainer grab on my hand, I straight away pull my hand and put inside my ticket. It was so funny =)

During the evening session, girls learnt how to make up while boys learnt on how to take care of their face skin. Boys were teach 5 steps to take care of their face. This included washing with facial form, scrubbing, masking, toner and moisturizer. There were a lot of things learnt but I just can't elaborate all in details here. Looking forward for tomorrow's session =)

Basically, that's all for today's simple update. I miss Muar's foods very much. Currently thinking of following a friend back Muar in this coming weekend. If really got go back, then might call Calix for meet. Perhaps can meet with Uncle and Aunty Pang, Aminah and Ribena. Hahaha, just miss the time when I am visiting Muar =)

Song for Today - 很想你 - 原唱 - 张智成


I Miss You So Much

Great Night