Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Second Day for November

Nothing special for today. Well, recently I think I have frequently update my blog, almost once a day. There is no any reason for that. It's just I already closed my FB, closed the old MSN, therefore the only time I spent for the night is updating my blog. Hahaha. Perhaps, it's better to concentrate on blogging. At least, I am just need to care about my own feeling and know nothing about the others. This is the blog for The Earth of Golds and therefore, it's the place for me to voice out all my feeling.....

Today have a meet with my mentor, Mr. Liew. He treated me a lunch in Oldtown, Pavillion. Mr. Liew was such a friendly and humble guy. Our meeting was totally informal and we chat a lot of things, not only things related to bank but also other things related to family and university life. I feel very lucky to be assigned as your mentee =)

Just now have a McD Fillet-o-Fish and apple pie for my dinner. Well, so long already and I am still prefer Fillet-o-Fish. How come ar??? Hahaha. Perhaps, this is the attribute for Cancer who have a high loyalty. Today was quite free in bank, then think of a lot of things and I really found out that I have high loyalty towards things that I like. For examples, I used the same bag during my university life for 3 years. I didn't plan to change to another bag but unfortunately, it has worn until I can't take it anymore. Anyway, it's still with me now. The same with my wallet and watch. My wallet has seriously worn but I am still not willing to change. For my watch, you know, I have taken my watch for repair for many times but still, I do not want to change it.

Well, the 3 things.....

The bag has keep a lot of wonderful memories. Previously, wherever I go, I bring it with me.....

Hmmm, talk about the wallet. The wallet contained 2 most memorable photos that I ever had in my life.....
Last one is the watch. I think the watch has keep with a lot of wonderful memories during my Form 6 and university life. I still remembered the time when I am counting down on the hours.....

It's raining now. So, there are 2 Songs for today -

雨 - 原唱者 - 光良

下雨天 - 原唱者 - 南拳妈妈