Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Walk Into Another Wind Scene

Basically, today is a gathering day or perhaps I shall say, a small gathering day because the gathering only comprised of me, Lian Jie, Big Wei Loon and Small Wei Loon. We meet at KLCC on 12.30 p.m. Because many are not taking breakfast, so for sure the first thing to do is search for food. Lian Jie suggested to go to Kim Gary. However, we were not not able to find Kim Gary. Then we end up having our lunch at Little Taiwan.....

I have never been to Little Taiwan and I don't really have a good impression towards the restaurant because have heard a lot of complaints regarding their foods. But because everyone was so hungry, then no choice. Nothing much to talk about the food because I just ordered a salted fried chicken chop rice. So so lo.....

Not much activity have been done for today because KLCC is full with high end shops. We were just strolling around, act as high class peoples and go inside LV shop. Hahaha. Have a drinking session, Haagen Dazs session, and we had our dinner in Pizza Hut.....

Well, talk about Pizza Hut. Today is my second time tried on the new pizza which comprised of 6 different cheeses. Hmmm, it's actually normal only and don't really reach my expectation. Hahaha. Or is it my expectation too high??? Don't know. Small Wei Loon was so shocked when see my pattern of eating cheese. But the rest of 2 were already familiar with my pattern of open the cheese powder bottle's cover and topped them on my mushroom soup and pizzas. Hahaha.....

Today's pizza session makes me reflect back the time when I have pizza with Calix and gang, he knew that I love cheese very much and purposely ask for additional cheese. So good. Calix, I am waiting to meet you in this Friday. Can't wait to enjoy the great dinner in Sunway University. If got chance, I bring you go eat Domino's Pizza. It's the best pizza for me. Perhaps, I can bring you to Chili's also. The western food there was really my preference =)

Basically, that's all for this simple day. Waiting for December to have a big big gathering with University's gang. Tomorrow going back to Bangi for classroom training. All the best to me. Ooo yaa, have you laugh happily for this simple day??? I wish you have and for sure, you have . Aha.....

Song for Today - 可惜不是你 - 原唱 - 梁静茹



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