Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good Day, Bad Day

Today is such a bad day and good day for me. As I mentioned yesterday, I have presented the CAs which I did personally to my superior today. Well, I have really did a lot of mistakes and I found out that I don't really fully understand about the case. During the end of working hour, another superior come and ask us about our case. When he ask me how much is my case's loan amount, I can't even answer him. Can't believe that I have forgotten the total loan amount of my case. I really can't believe this. Looks like the Kim Thor who always got first class during his university life has totally lost his way. I don't really know what had happened to me. Hmmm, by the way, the good thing for today is I have really learnt a lot about CA. My CA writing skill should have improve to another level.....

Today stay in office until 7.30 p.m. because of reading some CAs. I would really like to get a distinction in my career life. I want to earn more money, then come out with my own car, perhaps a Honda City, stay in K.L, a city which is near to the states that I prefer, perhaps Melaka. This is all what I have planned since early. So far, I think my plan should be able to run as smooth as I plan. The only thing that have deviated from my earlier plan is..........

Going to start my investment plan soon so that my money can never sleep. Wish me all the best =)

Going to Genting again this Saturday with Wei Loon and Yi Han. Again, I wish to find back some wonderful memories which I have left there. Blessing.....

Tomorrow shall have McD breakfast because it will be a busy day for me. Need to go Shah Alam for site visit. May I learn some thing new again.....

Song for Today - 害怕 - 原唱者 - 林俊杰


~~~It's Just Don't Want to Stop~~~

Luckily, He is There. Really Lucky Enough
Great Night
Blessing and Blessing