Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's Wednesday

Happy Wednesday. Well, today was really an extremely tired day for me. I did sleep very early last night and can sleep very well too. Just don't know why it is still a tiring day for me. Again, I fall asleep in class again. Hmmm, can't really blame on me because I did used to have a sleep after a full lunch in Melaka last time. Hahaha, looks like I haven't get myself rid from the previous life.....

I have started to love the job as an Account Relationship Manager. Indeed, it required an analysis skill in order to look into the performance of those commercial customer. Hopefully, I am able to cope with that job after finish the training. Blessing =)

Received a message from Calix just now regarding the confirmation of my visit to Batu Pahat. Hmmm, feel sorry to him because can't give him confirmation yet as I will follow my friends they all for the visitation. Just afraid that they will sudden change the plan as what they usually did. Hehehe.....

Just now took a cup of Korean instant noodles as my dinner. It was a cold rain night just now and slurrrppping of a cup of hot instant noodles was indeed a kind of enjoyment. Also, did not forget Mamee who accompany me for my night.....

Got the copy of Social Network from Helmi last week. Helmi said he downloaded that movie quite a long time already. Just realize that there were a lot of movies do actually come out in cinema in foreign countries since very early. But just after a long time then only it started to play in Malaysia's cinema. If not mistaken, the movie is about the story of Mark Zuckerberg. Quite interested with this young billionaire. Plan to watch it tonight with Mamee but then when play it, just realized that it don't come with subtitle. OMG. When the movie just started, it was already a fast conversation between a guy and a girl. Can't really catch those sentences. Hehe. Perhaps, I shall spend RM 12 in Times Square this weekend =)

Basically, that's all for today. Nothing special, it's just as simple as ABC =)

Song for Today - 一天一万年 - 原唱 - 游鸿明



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