Friday, December 10, 2010

3 Litres

Say Hi to the coming weekend. Well, last night was indeed a damn sleep well night. I don't even feel tired or feel like want to sleep when attending the briefing in Treasury Department today. It was so different with the normal days where I used to feel asleep during classroom training =)

My god bro just told me that 2 of my god sis who stay in Singapore have bought some red wines to welcome us to Singapore. Hahaha, that's really make me feel like can't wait to go there and meet them. Tomorrow really need to go to exchange for some Singapore currencies. Hehehe, fully utilize my staff benefits which I got from serving a bank =)

Well, what movie to watch for this weekend??? Social Network or Bruce Lee??? Both??? Or watch those movies where I got from friends. Hahaha. I think most probably will watch those in cinema la. Hehehe. Hmmm, just love the feeling of relaxing in the cinema chairs while covering my white and black jacket on my body. That's what I always did during the visitation to MBO Melaka, Am I right, Calix??? Hahaha, whatever it is, it's a kind of enjoyment which I love so much =)

Well, today a colleague asked me that am I drink a lot of water every day. Then I show her my Tupperware bottle. I told her that I drink 3 bottles of the water's volume. 1 bottle is equivalent to 1 litre, so 3 bottles are equivalent to 3 litres. Hahaha. Then she said that it good to consume a plenty of water daily. Hmmm, I think among all my friends, there is only one friend who have observed that I consume a plenty of water daily. That's was Calix and he once warned me that don't drink too much as it might generate some bad effects. 2 litres per day should be enough and he said don't drink too much water during night time. Hmmm, I don't know how true it is. But I already used to this pattern. Hard to change. That's why until now, it's still 3 litres. Hmmm.....

Ooo yaa, today I did something great. I gave a seat to an old man from India in LRT. Not to say how good am I and perhaps, it's just normal for peoples to take this action. But I would like to say, how good it is if everyone can have this attitude. Perhaps, the world will be flood with love, which is a good thing =)

Just now have my dinner in a food court called Chinese Village. Already 5 months in K.L. and I realized that every time when I have food in food court or restaurant, for sure there will have beggars who come and wish for some donations. Also, they like to sit on the floor nearby LRT stations with a small bottle in front of them. Why there are so many beggars in this so called developing country??? It is because of the poor management of government who can't boost the life quality of the citizens??? Or those beggars are just coming out to scam for money??? Or they are just too lazy to work and just hope to get money with an open hands??? I don't know the reason but I just hate to see the same person with the same injured legs sit on the same LRT station with 5 months non-recoverable injury. A scam??? Damn it.....

For whatever reasons, I just hope the quality of life can be improve to a better standard. Pray hard.....

Song for Today - Not going to share a song for tonight. However, I would like to share a movie which I got from Clover. It's called I Love You, Beth Cooper. Just finished watch it just now. It's an old love story movie. Can't really say it's a good movie but I did like some parts of the movie. Share the quote from the last part of the movie which I think is meaningful and makes me warm.....

Beth: Thank You :( ..........For loving me :)

Denis: Why is it not to love :) ???

Denis: Hey Beth, see you through the reunion. If both of us still single, I will marry you :)

Beth: That's the promise :)

Denis: Yeah :)

Great Weekend