Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First 2010 Christmas Gift

Say Hi to 21.12.2010. Well, I just update my daily private blog, now update the open blog. Hahaha, seems like it's all about blog. Hmmm, just 2 days ago I mentioned that I am not going to have a frequent update for this blog unless there is any memorable matter, and then the next day, which was yesterday, I got a gift.....

Yesterday morning, when I entered into the lecture hall, then Clover and Emily handed me a surprise Christmas gift. It was my first Christmas gift for this 2010. It was a box contained 2 gifts, a wallet and a belt. Really thanks both of them for the gifts, Thank You very much. I appreciate it a lot.....

Well, I will wear the new belt. But for the wallet, I am not going to use it now and will keep it first. There is nothing wrong with the wallet and in fact, the wallet was nice and great designed. I appreciate whatever gift from my friends. Hmmm, it's just I have a very weird characteristic. When something has followed me for a long time, I feel reluctant to change them even though they were damaged. Exception is when they are really can't be used anymore. Since I was small, whenever there is people say " Hey, your bag (example) has been used for long time already, please change it la." Then I will say, 有些东西用久了,有感情的.....

That's my character. For my old wallet, even though it was highly damaged, but yet I shall say that it still can be used. Just feel reluctant to change it as it has followed me for 6 years. Really got feeling towards it. Not lie.....

I have a Pentel Automatic Pencil too in my pencil box. The head of the pencil was spoiled also, but yet I am still using it. Know why??? Because it has followed me for 8 years. Kim Thor shout out loud: Zhen Yong, I am managed to keep the pencil for 8 years!!! Hahaha. I Still remembered there is one time I left my pencil case in CLC. I was crazily looking for the pencil case, it's actually because of the pencil, other than my expensive financial calculator.

Another thing is my bag which I used in MMU. I remembered I bought the bag with Calix accompany during my 1st year 2nd semester. Wherever I go, I will bring along the bag together and after I have used it for 2.5 years, then it's now spoiled. The damages were serious and that time I am still using it when outing with Wei Loon. I think he remembered that, hahaha. But now, change to Padini executive bad already and yet, the MMU bag is still with me =)

Ooo yaa, today is 12.21.2010. Well, 1221, one-two-two-one, a nice date and I still remember =)

Below are some photos for sharing:

New Wallet

New Belt

New Wallet + New Belt

Old Wallet

Can You Spot the Damages???

This Is More Obvious

Today was a tired day. I have woke up automatically again today at 5.30 a.m. and then can't fall asleep anymore. I think this has became a routine which I hate it very much. Again, didn't concentrate for today's class. Hahaha. Haizzz, Dear God, I sincerely pray hard that you granted a sleep-to-7 a.m. for me. Namoamitabha. Have to sleep after this~

Great Night