Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Say Hi to The Earth of Golds. Hmmm, thought that last night would be a sleepless night but luckily still able to fall in sleep. It's just have a nightmare at about 5.30 a.m. and that drag me up from my sleep. Well, not to say it's a nightmare, it's just suddenly feel like got something pull my legs. But actually this is already normal for me and it used to happen once a while. I also don't know why. Maybe sometimes got too many things to think about and that stress has cause that to happen.....

Well, say goodbye to yesterday. It's just some things happen and make me feel so moodless and emo. Talk about today. Today still continue the Investment Banking class and today focus more on bond and mergers and acquisitions. All these things I have learnt before in University. Feel great that I am the degree holder of Banking and Finance from MMU. I learnt a lot of things that others don't get in other universities. By the way, I am not to compared who got more knowledge, I am willing to share my knowledge. It's just suddenly feel proud to be MMU student =)

Another thing is that I feel great to have Mr. KT as my trainer for this few days class. My impression to him is that, he is a trainer which teach seriously and make sure that all the participants understand what he is teaching. Besides, he loves to share his knowledge about CFA. Another crucial point is that, he behave in such a good manner, polite, motiveless and very gentle. Hope that I can be a good friend with him =)

15.12.2010 will comes in 1 more hour. Soon, a lot of festivals will visit. Time flies and so fast, it will get into another new year. Hmmm, it is a good thing for time to flies??? I also don't know. If it's really flies, I wish when I wake up tomorrow, then it will be year 2013. Just feel like want to see what will happen in future, what will change and what still remains. Somehow, I am afraid of encounter all the upcoming festivals, afraid of encounter the new days Why??? I also don't know??? Don't really know what I want. Sometimes, just hope the time can stop moving, I still don't have the preparation to leave all the past tense. It's moving too fast and I can't follow up. Can give me a chance to enjoy a longer enjoyment???

Anyway, just a sudden voice out of my dream. I am a dreamer, a dreamer who dream in his Earth of Golds. By the way, everything is just a dream. It's impossible that time will stop tic tac+ing. Hmmm, may everyone, regardless of those beside me or apart from me, have a happy and healthy life. I appreciate friendship, appreciate memories and appreciate my dream. Readers, trust me, everything I said here is true from my heart. Appreciation of friendship, memories and dreams, I did it. Just a trust and everything will be fine. Blessing~~~

Song for Today - 期待爱 - 原唱 - 林俊杰 + 金莎




Great Appreciation Night for Friendship, Memories and Dreams