Monday, December 6, 2010


Say Yeah to the night before a public holiday. Well, today was a tired day for me because last night don't actually sleep very well. Not to say not well, it's just because of a weird dream whereby an old Malay man open my room's door. Then the dream woke me up on 5 a.m. After that, I can't really continue my sleep. Hmmm.....

Today's class was risk analysis class. An interesting class but I don't really concentrate well after the lunch session. It's just tiring. Feel so sorry to the trainer who was so keen in putting us as professional credit analysts. Anyway, still got 3 more days to go and hopefully, I won't disappointed him again.....

Today saw my colleague, Arz who sit beside me having once a month stomach ache. OMG, she was really suffering. I can see tears keep on coming out from her eyes and her pair of eyes were turning black. The one who always joking with me turned quiet today. Even I don't experience that but since I was small, I did knew that women will suffer much during that period because every time when my mom experienced that, she will feel very dizzy, energy-less and just laying on bed. Every time when I saw her like that, I just feel pity to her and then I will stop making noise in house. Guys, whenever your girlfriend experience that, remember to take good care of her. She need you during that time.....

Just now have my dinner at McD. Don't know what happen to those fast food restaurants. I did went to few fast food restaurants in different locations in these 2 days and every time when I entered into, there were crowded with peoples. Just now also the same, I queue for 20 minutes to get my fillet-o-fish.Hmmm.....

Today is the 3rd day after reactivation of MSN and FB. Chat with a lot of peoples in MSN just now. Well, see a lot of friends change their profile picture and posted different shout outs in their wall. Haha. FB now should have became a need for peoples to express their feeling and socialize with peoples surrounding. Hehe. Just like I have my daily update for my Earth of Golds. It's all about expression =)

Tomorrow morning will go for a dentist session because I would like to utilize the RM 400 employee benefits set for dentist as the year is coming to an end soon. After that will go to KLCC to meet with Queenie. Basically, it should be food and cinema session. See how tomorrow.....

Ooo yaa, it's holiday. May You enjoy your tomorrow. Blessing.....

Song for Today - 爱错 - 原唱 - 王力宏



Great Holiday