Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Great Thing A Day

Say Hi to 12.12.2010. So fast it comes to end of Sunday. Time really flies. Well, last night don't really sleep very well and I am actually slept quite late last night, around 2.30 a.m. I think. The reason was because of updating the blog and also hard to fall asleep when I laid down on the bed. Don't know why there were so many things to think about for last night. But I think should be normal. It happened once in a time. Perhaps it's a great thing =)

Today when to see dentist to do some treatment. Well, dentist expense was really high but luckily bank did covered it for me. Although not cover all, but I only need to pay some and therefore, I should have satisfied.....

After that I went to The Mall to buy my lunch. Just planned to have a simple lunch as the dentist told me not to take hard food first. Ooo yaa, today I did something great again. Guess what??? When I reach the LRT interchange station, Masjid Jamek, a guy from Pakistan asked me the way to go to PWTC and so coincident that I am going to The Mall which located at PWTC LRT station, so I just walk together with him.....

Have a simple chatting with him and realized that he was a holder of Master in mechanical engineering. He did went to Melaka to do a presentation for his paper few days ago. When we reach PWTC LRT station, I am afraid that he can't find his way to the trade center hall, so I just bring him to the hall and then only went to The Mall. After that, a simple shake hand ended the journey.....

Well, I am not praising myself for being generous or praising myself as a good guy. Just want to say that there were many nations in this earth and each of them develop their own communication language. Therefore, it is important that we come out with a global communication medium. What is the medium??? English??? Definitely not. For me, the global communication medium is Respect. If everyone hold this value, I think everyone will stay in peace, helping each other and there will be no war but world is full with love. How good it is if I can do a great thing a day. It should generate a smile for my day =)

Due to the teeth treatment, I went to Pudu for the pork porridge again. Well, there were a lot of peoples today. All were in family outing for dinner purpose except me, have an alone dinner again. Hahaha. Still, the porridge tasted nice. After finish it, then I have a bowl of bitter tea. Hmmm, all of a sudden, I miss Bukit Beruang Pasar Malam. Used to have a bitter tea every Wednesday with Wei Loon them. How good it is if we still have a chance.....

Tomorrow is Sunday. May everyone start the day blissfully. Blessing~~~

Song for Today - 最幸福的事 - 原唱 - 梁文音



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